So much of a wedding is planned to perfection — the dress, the tables, the ceremony backdrop. That's what makes the day feel like a special occasion. But what makes it more than an occasion, but rather a once-in-a-lifetime experience? It's the imperfection — all the things you didn't plan. In fact, imperfection is what's behind every great story.

On a wedding day, that imperfection is what guides my lens — a shadow falling asymmetrically across your shoulder, the chaotic clinking of glassware amid setting sunlight, the wrinkled hands of your grandparents entwined as they sway to their favorite Dean Martin tune… Imperfection is what sets your wedding apart from every other.

It's is also the first flash of evidence of something else that is so essential to good work: authenticity. Your images are meant to be relics of who you really were during a moment in time — they are evidence of you feeling truly loved, beautiful and in awe of the world around you, all in your own particular way. 

Subtle emotional looks, unexpected collections of people/places/things and the way your wedding interacts with the real environment it’s staged in — these are all ways your wedding will translate into imagery. When you look back at your gallery, you will see a visual distillation of what you care about, how you affect others and the distinct nature of the love held between you and your partner.

Your life isn't full of stilted poses — so why should your wedding be?

- Ani, 2023

“Her photos are not overly staged, authentic, and truly reflect the moment and emotion."

- Maya, 2022

“She delivered exactly what we wanted in terms of aesthetic and feel, managing to capture [the] joy and exuberance of the day while also giving us romantic and cinema driven portraits as well. ”

-Stacey, 2022

“She strikes the perfect balance between directing you in order to capture the shot, and manages to catch all of the natural moments in-between."

-ari, 2022

“She helped us feel really comfortable taking portraits before the wedding, which did not come naturally to us."

Another friend in the room.

It's no small task to find the person you want right there in the action for some of the most important moments of your life. Here's a bit about me: 

I'm a dog person.

I'm mildly snobby about coffee.

I am always looking for a good comedy show.

I'm outdoorsy, to a point (hike yes, through-hike no).

I grew up on classic rock, then found indie.

I'm inspired by classic americana, the 1960's, french everything, and organic aesthetics. 

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The Process

I. Introduction

This phase includes your inquiry, a discovery meeting to ensure we are a good personal fit and that I understand your priorities, followed by a proposal and booking.

II. Engagement

During this phase, we will take your engagement photos if that is something you opt to do, and I may connect with you or your planner about your aesthetic direction.

III. Refinement

These will be the final few months before your wedding, during which I will work with you or your planner to home in on the logistics of your celebration.

IV. Celebration

What we’ve all been waiting for! I will shoot your wedding day. You will receive a few images very shortly after so you can spread the news.

V. Curation

I will take a deep breath and evaluate your day. Then I will edit and curate your wedding day so that as you relive it, it is both beautiful and contextualized. 

VI. Gallery Delivery

Your gallery will be available on an online platform that allows you to view and download your images in both web-size and high-res formats. I will deliver your gallery within six to ten weeks. Delivery times are really dependent on my workload. Please note that weddings that take place earlier in the year tend to have shorter delivery times and those closer to the end tend to have longer delivery times. This may be a good time to mention that I limit the number of weddings I take specifically so that I can put a lot of time and energy into the ones I do work on.

VII. Product Design and Delivery

Your gallery will be connected to a shop full of amazing print product vendors and they offer everything from loose prints to calendars to fine art wedding albums. You can work on the selections yourselves or you can hire me at an hourly rate to design products for you.


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